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TW Author Bio

Miles Hightower is my alter ego and pen name. He came about several years ago, after my wife (who also has a social media alter ego) started to tell me about her erotic book group discussions. Wanting to be a part of what interested her, I came up with Miles Hightower as a persona to hide behind in the social media world. After a while, we realized we were more comfortable being Miles and Sara then we were being our real world selves.

Miles writes about fictional erotic fantasies from a man’s perspective; about how a guy might think, feel or act in a particular situation. My stories are fictional with a little bit of my own personal interests (like flying) and day to day life mixed in. In an effort to make the story seem a little more real than complete fantasy, I research the things I do not know anything about (because if it’s on the internet, it’s true. Right?). I want my stories to come off as fantasy, yet plausible.

Miles and I (the real me) are similar in many ways. We both tend to shy away from social media sites, even though that is why Miles came into existence. I do not even have a Facebook page. Fortunately, Sara loves to be involved on social media sites, therefore you will see her posting for me. Both Miles and I like to joke around. We are sarcastic and try to find the humor in even the most stressful situations. I like to flirt and tease and being Miles allows me to get that out.

I have been a husband for 16 years and counting to my wife Sara. We have two children; an 11 year old son and a 7 year old daughter. When not being a dad to them, I also enjoy flying. At one point I wanted to be a career corporate pilot, flying Lear jets all over the country. After I graduated from college I was a flight instructor for three years. Long story short, a flying career didn’t work out and I began working in manufacturing. That’s where I met Sara so it did work out after all. I still work in manufacturing today as a Quality Engineer and fly just for fun when the weather is nice.

Along with flying real airplanes, I enjoy flying remote control airplanes, playing golf and darts, taking my family to water parks, sitting in our hot tub or on a tropical beach with Sara and a glass of wine, and writing. Classic rock from the 70s and hair band music from the 80s is all you will ever find me listening to (no, I did not have big hair back then but I did sport a nice mullet). I attempted guitar lessons a few years ago, but I was not very successful. Apparently I have no musical talent whatsoever.

Anything else you want to know about me, hit me up on my a Author page. 



Mitch Sinclair
Personality: Mitch is easy going and likes to joke around. Not much in life really bothers him, as he tends to not worry about the things he has no control over. He is a tease and flirt, and is always willing to back it up but never without Molly getting involved. Even though he likes to flirt, his wife is still number one to him.
Professional: Mitch’s second passion, after Molly, is flying. He grew up always wanting to be a pilot and got a job as a flight instructor after studying Aviation Flight in college. Unfortunately his flying career didn’t work out as he dreamed; therefore he began working in the automotive industry as a Quality Engineer. Fortunately, Mitch still flight instructs on some evenings and on the weekends to keep his dream of flying alive.
Physical Traits:
Age: 39 (who really gets older than this, right?)
Height: 6’1”
Weight: Not a ripped bodybuilder type, but one can tell he works out.
Eyes: Blue/Green
Hair: Brown, with silver highlights starting to emerge. Typically has a five o’clock shadow.
Tattoos: none, but not out of the question
Piercings: Left ear (grew up in the 80’s)

Molly Sinclair
Personality: Molly is wound tighter than Mitch. While she likes to joke and flirt as well, sometimes life gets to her. She and Mitch complement each other well. She keeps Mitch grounded when he needs to be and he helps raise her mood when life brings her down. Molly does have a wild side to her, which Mitch didn’t even know existed. Until now.
Professional: Molly is college educated and works at a consulting firm. She is the Office Manager there and oversees much of the work that goes on there. While she is no authority in any one field she has a staff of experts under her. From accounting, advertising, social media, and customer relations to dealing with upper management, Molly has a broad range of knowledge and skills.
Physical Traits:
Age: 37
Height: 5’6”
Physique: A beautiful figure that she feels somewhat confident in. She carries a few extra pounds, in the right spots, rather than being a few pounds light; curves instead of corners.
Eyes: Brown with metallic specs
Hair: Dark Brown with a hint of dark red in the right light, down to about the middle of her back
Tattoos: None
Piercings: Just ears, but is considering other places


TaSTy WordGasms Author Interview


Author: Miles Hightower
Book: Desires Unleashed
Series: Stand Alone Novel
Publisher: Airdewey, LLC

Interviewer: Nikki K

Q: What inspired you to start writing?
A: My wife reads a lot and she has taken me to a few book signings. While walking around the signings it was easily apparent on how passionate the readers and fans were about what they read and the authors who told the stories. What got me thinking was, there were never any male authors at the signings, at least not the few we had been to. So I thought it might be interesting to tell a story from a guy’s point of view. I am hoping to fill a niche, so to speak, in the book world my wife seems to enjoy.

Q: What will we find on your bookshelves?
A: On MY bookshelf you will find books like Bloom County, Calvin and Hobbes & The Far Side. There are also autobiographies by Ace Frehley and Sammy Hagar and some comical books about golf.

Q: Who/what is your favorite authors/book?
A: My favorite author in the same/similar genre I write would be Nicole Edwards. One of my favorites from her is Addicted.

Q: Why?
A: My wife really enjoys her. Her books were my first intro into reading this genre. That particular book was the first one I read.

Q: What was your inspiration for your book?
A: Inspiration for me comes from life experiences, fantasies/dreams/desires of my own and from what I think people may want to read.

Q: Do you write from your own experiences?
A: I don’t write about my own personal, actual events, but I do try to use some of my life experiences as a basis for a fictional story. My stories are fiction, but I like to keep them real enough that people may think they could actually happen.

Q: If yes, how does this book relate to your life?
A: I am married, to a wonderful wife. I am a pilot in real life. Well, I have a pilot license and I used to be a flight instructor many years ago and I still do dream of owning my own plane. And I currently work in an automotive assembly plant. If you read Desires Unleased you will see these things reflected in the story. But beyond those basics, the book is a fictional story.

Q: Do you listen to music for inspiration when writing?
A: I don’t listen to music for inspiration. But I do listen to it to ward off distractions. For me, quiet is more distracting than noise. If there is quiet, my mind tends to wander.

Q: What type?
A: Hair Band music from the 80’s, Classic Rock from the 60’s & 70’s.

Q: Which of your books/characters relates most to you?
A: I suppose it would be Mitch. He has a great wife and loves to fly.

Q: What message, if any, would you like readers to get from your book?
A: Well, I don’t really write to convey some profound message about life, but I suppose if there was a message it would be: If you have a dream or desire don’t keep it a secret, find a way to give it a shot.

Q: What book do you wish you had written yourself?
A: Can’t say that I can think of one.

Q: What would you like readers to know about you?
A: Hmmm…not sure…I suppose I would like them to know I write for fun, when I have time. My family comes first.

Q. Are you planning to write another book? If yes will it be a sequel to Desires Unleashed or entirely new story?
A. Yes I am writing another book. It will be about how the rest of Mitch and Molly’s life turns out. And it should be another stand alone book.


Book specific questions

Q. Your book is very sexually charged, was it difficult to write those scenes?
A. No, it wasn’t difficult at all, really. It was quite fun actually.

Q. You write about flying throughout the book, how does flying relate to your life?
A. I am a licensed pilot, and certified flight instructor. At one point in my life I wanted to be a career pilot. But that didn’t work out. But I still fly for fun and very much enjoy being up in the air.

Q. I think “the bums” are a hoot. Are these guys based on real life people from the airport?
A. Sort of…At the airport I worked at there was a group of guys that hung out at the airport. They were airplane owners, people who used to own airplanes, guys that used to work aivation, etc. Like in the book they hung out at the airport instead of a bar. But the bums themselves are not charaterizations of of any actual individual person or persons.

Q. Is ‘The Loft’ based on a real life club?
A. The Loft is not based on any specific club. The Loft came about from researching those types of clubs on the internet. From taking commonalities, bits and pieces from what I was able to find on line.

Q. There are aspects of BDSM play in Desires Unleashed, do you live “the lifestyle” yourself? Or is it something you found sexy and thought it would play well in your story?
A. No, I/we don’t live a BDSM lifestyle. It just seemed like a fun thing to put in the story.

Q. What was the impetus for the swinger storyline?
A. Well, I am a guy, what guy doesn’t fantasize about having multiple women to play with, right? Plus, my story wasn’t about a single character looking for true love, or finding “the one”. It was about a couple who are totally happy with their relationship, but wanted a little more fun in their life. So, swinging seemed like a logical direction.

Q. Are the characters of Mitch and Molly based on you and your wife? (I’m sure the ladies would love to know that you really think of your wife that way)
A. No. Mitch and Molly and Desires Unleashed is in no way an autobiography of my wife and me. Nor is it based on anything we do personally (besides me flying). But I will say that I do love my wife more than anything.

Q. I asked in an earlier question if it was difficult to write the sex scenes. The real question I was told to ask but chickened out is… Were you able to maintain your writing posture while writing the erotic scenes or did you find yourself getting aroused and needing to take breaks to um….
A. No. I didn’t need to take any breaks to um… I get so wrapped up in making sure the writing is good, going back and changing things or deleting stuff, that it looses something for me, as a writer.

Q. When reading erotica often times what I’ve read leads to fun and play IRL with my hubby. Did reading these extremely sexy scenes have that affect on your wife IRL?.
A. I suppose you would have to ask her about that.

Q. Desires Unleashed has so many hot and sexy scenes what was your favorite scene to write and why?
A. My favorite scene is when Mitch and Molly went flying. When I was actually flying as my job, one of my favorite things was to take people for sunset airplane rides. There is something about seeing a sunset from up in the air that I really enjoy. I suppose it would be like watching the sun set over open water for some. Just very calm and serene. Then to share the experience with someone like Mitch did with Molly, makes it that much better.

Q. You say in your bio that you researched things so your story would be more true to life. Was your research sctrictly on paper or have you experimented IRL for a more realistic POV ? (I.e. rope play, toys, swings, club visits)
A. Well, if my book seemed realistic, then my research must have been pretty good, so lets just keep it at that. 😉

Q. Are you a member of the mile high club? If so, care to share the story? Sharing is caring, or so I’m told 😉
A. You can’t become a pilot until you become a member. JK

Q. From comments I’ve read/heard from your readers and my friends, it seems everyone wants to know if your marriage is full of as much passion as Mitch is about Molly’s?
A. I would like to think so. Shouldn’t it be?
*Response: Touche`

Q. As a man you have a different sexual perspective than your female readers. What advice would you give your readers to spice up their own sex lives?
A. If you have a fantasy, talk it over with your significant other. Maybe try it. Just realize that your fantasy may be more than your partner is willing to do. And if so, your partner is more important.

Q. How does it feel to have published your first book and to read all of the great things people are saying about Desires Unleashed?
A. It’s a little un-nerving actully. I am happy it seems to be well liked and humbled by the compliments. I am just glad people aren’t saying it stinks. Well one person did…

Q. What is on the agenda for Miles Hightower? Will you be making any appearances?
A. As of now, my only appearance is the Rebels and Readers signing event in Hunington, WV November 7-8 2015.



TW Excerpt

After a few more minutes, I see her coming down the stairs.  She looks magnificent.  No makeup.  She knows I like her natural beauty.  Her hair is pulled back into a ponytail.   She has on a white satin cover up that just barely hangs down past her cheeks.  Tied in front but only closed enough to allow for a deep plunging neckline.  The deep V of her cover up starts at her shoulders splits her chest and goes down to her bellybutton.   With each step she takes, I can get a teasing glimpse of the triangle of stubble between the tops of her legs.  Before she reaches the last step I can smell her perfume.  Mmmm. The smell is sweet and enticing.  My cock is coming to life.

“What ‘cha watching’?” she asks with a seductive grin.

Actually, I didn’t know anymore.  I got too caught up in watching her come down the steps to notice what was on TV.

“Uhhh, apparently watching one woman going down on another while being taken from behind” stating the obvious as we both look to the action.

“Mmmm, looks fun,” she says

“Which one would you want to be?” I ask her.

“Well, I’ve never been with another woman, so maybe the one getting her clit licked,” she dreams.  “Plus, I could watch you fuck someone, too.”

Then she slides up my legs as she gets on the bed.  Purposefully, she runs her nipples along my chest on her way up to kiss me.  We give each other a deep, wet, tongue-touching kiss, and then she starts to slowly slide back down my body.  Her hands slip under my shirt and raise it up enough to kiss my chest.  I can feel her warm breath on my nipples.  Next, her tongue follows my hairline down to my waist.  Fingers curl under the waistband of my shorts and pull them slowly towards my feet.  My hard cock finds a newfound freedom.  My sac clenches in the cool air.  Hands run back up the sides of my legs, curl over the top of my hips and fingers wrap around my shaft.  Her eyes peer up at me as her tongue slowly reaches out and swirls around the tip of my cock.   The warm wetness cools quickly.

“What are you doing?” I ask.  “Thought I was supposed to tie you up?”

“Yes, you are.  But I wanted to give you a little pleasure first,” she smiles.

Who am I to say no?

Her lips feel good on my dick . . . soft and firm at the same time.  Her tongue tickles the sensitive underside of my head.   She licks up and down my stiff shaft.   The unyielding grip from her fingers reminds me of sliding into her ass.  I peek at the TV and see two women sharing a guy’s dick between them.  Makes me wish we had a friend to join us.   My twitching balls get my attention back to Molly.  She has moved far below my cock.  Kisses now tickle the base of my shaft.   Her tongue swirls up and dances with my balls.  Gently stroking my shaft, her hand gets me closer to finishing.  I look back to the TV for a moment and watch the two women share the guy’s release.

“Fuck . . . you need to stop,” I tell Molly.  “I don’t want to cum yet.”

She looks up at me with a devilish grin while she decides if she is actually going to stop or not.  She takes a peek at the TV.  A scene comes on that catches her interest.  She crawls back up my body then lowers herself back onto my stiff cock.

She is watching a woman on TV get pleasured by two guys.  I can see in her eyes she has placed herself in that situation.  Fucking me while imagining that only adds to the realism of her fantasy.  I reach up with both hands, cup one of her tits and begin sucking on her nipple.  The skin is taut.  I rake the tip of it between my tongue and teeth and she moans.  Her rhythm on my dick is getting faster and deeper.  She’s working up an orgasm, but I don’t want her to cum yet.

I release her nipple and give her a crack on the ass with my hand.  Her hips twitch with the jolt of pain.

“Yes!” she exclaims

“Time to get tied up,” I warn her, then I push her one way as I slide out from under her in the other direction.

tw review

●●●●●●Nikki’s 5 Star Review

Desires Unleashed is a modern day erotic romance about a husband and wife and their passion for one another. Miles Hightower writes the husband’s POV and shares the desire of a man for his wife.
Mitch and Molly are your normal white picket fence married couple, on the surface. What bubbles beneath are their erotic fantasies and a world of sensual desire.
While this book is replete with scorchingly hot sex scenes, that was not the main focus for me. The real story lies in love between the two and their willingness and desire to bring pleasure in every form to one another.
Throughout the book I found myself in awe of the way Mitch describes his wife Molly. From the feel of her skin on his, to the way their bodies fit together, he speaks with pure unadulterated desire and adoration. Ladies are sure to fall in love with Mitch and long to be Molly.
Miles Hightower has done a great job of writing this erotic romance from a male perspective. I’ve always wondered what it feels like for a man when he finds physical pleasure and Miles has answered many of those questions for me. Thank you Miles 😉
I don’t often read male authors and I am pleasantly surprised with the story and writing from this first time author. If there are any future books from Miles Hightower, I won’t hesitate to read them.
**I was provided an ARC of this book for an honest review, but as soon as it is available I will be one-clicking.

●●●●●●Tanya 5 Star Review

This is Miles Hightower’s debut Novel and he has written this book with a male perspective in mind. If you want a VERY HOT, HOT, HOT read and yes it is HOT! Then Desires Unleashed is for you! WARNING: You may need a sponge, a towel or something to sit on while you read this book. Desires Unleashed is about a couple Mitch & Molly who have been married for a while and are wanting to spice up their relationship and let me tell you they do spice it up. You can see that they love each other through out the book and do have normal conflicts with a little jealousy but, they have a lot of love and work through things.
If you like Ménage à trois books then this one is for you! There is MFM, MFF, FF, Oh and MF involved. I hope you will enjoy Desires Unleashed as much as I have! Now I can’t wait until Mile’s next book whatever it may be. This book has a HEA! Thank goodness and no Cliffhanger!
I do have the best job as a blogger I GET to read books like this one! I received Desires Unleashed ARC for an honest review. But, believe me I will be buying this book when it is has been released. Coming soon! March 31st so not much longer and you can get Desires Unleashed for yourself.

●●●●●●Trica’s 5 Star Review:

This is the debut novel for Miles Hightower and he does an excellent job of taking the reader on an erotic ride as the main characters Mitch and Molly explore their kinky side with their new found friends. OOOOOMG is it HOT!
Mitch and Molly have a passionate marriage but both are interested in expanding their horizons. A night out with new friends opens the door to so many possibilities to have their wildest dreams come (again and again) true. Miles does an excellent job building the characters, their relationships and descriptive passages that brings the reader into the story.
“As her dress falls to her feet, I stare at her in the mirror. Molly turns around, looks up, and just stares into my eyes. I CAN’T MOVE.”
This book had me both wanting to read it as fast as I could but also wanted me to savour it. When a book becomes part of my dreams, you know that it is good!
I was honoured to be asked to be part of the journey as both a beta reader and reviewing the arc. It was interesting to read a book written by a man from his perspective where most books I read are a female writing their perspective of what a man is thinking.
The only question I never got answered was why did one of the characters say eh? This Canuck wants to know.
So my smut loving friends, make sure your significant other is available or you have plenty of batteries because this is one hell of a kinky ride.
Congratulation Miles on your release — can’t wait for your next book.

●●●●●●Shannon’s 4 Star Review

Do you have some hot and sexy fantasies? Of course you do. Now what if your partner wanted to turn all of those fantasies into reality. Would you do it? If so, what effect would it have, if any, on your relationship? This is the story of Mitch and Molly, a couple who have decided to explore other…umm, let’s say, unconventional methods of expressing their love for one another. Will their marriage survive once they have unleashed their deepest, darkest desires?
This is a debut novel for Miles Hightower, and I have to say this, he can write some seriously HOT sex scenes. I, personally, like more drama and angst in my stories to accompany the hot sex. However, if you are looking for a book that will jumpstart your libido, Desires Unleashed is the way to go.
I give Desires Unleashed 4 stars and look forward to reading more from Miles Hightower.
*I received this book as an ARC for an honest review

●●●●●●Theresa 5 Star Review
Miles Hightower has written a great story. I can’t believe this is his first book. It starts off hot and doesn’t cool off until the end. Have a cool drink and/or your partner close by when you read this. You’ve been warned.
Mitch and Molly are a happily married couple. In addition to his regular 9 to 5 in a manufacturing plant, Mitch is a part-time pilot instructor—his true passion. Molly is an office manager. They are gloriously in love and have a great marriage, friends, and a good life.
When one of Mitch’s students extends an invitation for him and Molly to have drinks with her and some friends, they meet three fun, genuinely nice, and sexually liberal couples. When the opportunity presents itself, Mitch and Molly jump at the chance to fulfill some of their sexual fantasies. What ensues is some of the most erotic escapades I’ve had the pleasure of reading packed into a single book. This is hedonism at its finest, but at its core, this is a beautifully written love story. With all the “playing” involved—and there is a lot—you never doubt for a moment the love Mitch and Molly have for one another.
This story is told from the male POV, and it is done very well. In the romance genre, there aren’t a lot of male authors, so I love the chance to get to read their work. Miles doesn’t disappoint. I hope he continues to treat us with his gift for writing. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for his next book.

●●●●●●Lita’s 4.5/5 Star Review

Desires Unleashed by Miles Hightower is the debut novel by this author.
Reading the synopsis I was expecting a stale married couple trying to rekindle their marriage. The book starts out straight from page one with a sex scene that was hot, steamy, sexy and kinky. I could not imagine what this couple could possible plan to do to spice things up, heck most married couple didn’t have the type of sex Mitch and Molly were having.
As I continued reading this book; I was quite curious what the author had in store for the readers. The author did not disappoint. This book was the sexiest book I have read! I can say the sex scenes were told in such a way that this reader was squirming throughout the book and was quite horny.
The story was interesting and made me quite jealous being married for over 14 years I was like “does the author have a brother and boy his wife is awfully lucky.”
I was more than impressed with the writing and the telling of the story especially for a new author. I am truly looking forward to his next book. I loved Mitch and Molly’s love. I give this 4.5 O’s but for the eroticism the book is 5 O’s, if I could give the book more, I would!



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  1. I loved this book. Miles did a fantastic job at bringing fantasies to life in words. If you have not read this yet, please pick it up today. You’ll be happy you did!

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