¿¿¿Is Nikki Afraid of the Dark???

Challenged by Jaden Wilkes to read Dark books, I (Nikki) am on a quest to see what Dark books I can read and what  books  Freak the S#!T out of me.

Here’s the initial challenge.




☆☆Review -Therapist  by Jaden  Wilkes☆☆

☆☆Review -Therapist by Jaden Wilkes☆☆


Book: Therapist 

Author: Jaden Wilkes 

Genre: Dark, Erotica

Reviewer: Nikki “I’m  not a P**sy” K

Stars (O’s): OOOOo

*Let me preface this review  by saying I was challenged  by  Jaden Wilkes to read this book and provided  a free copy by her.*

Alexandre, on the surface seems the perfect catch. He’s  handsome, well bred, well educated  and well….wealthy. Lest we forget,  every beautiful cover has a story between the pages.

At the onset, my first thought was  “what a dick”. Here’s  this doctor who’s  got it all and yet he’s using his position  to coerce woman into rough play. After the first few chapters I began to feel sorry  for this man. We find him lacking in real emotions, and the ability to feel.

Enter Mistress, she appears from a cloud of smoke, at the end of perfection tly manicured red talons. Mistress will save us from this despicable doctor. She is aware of his sorted methods and calls him out, telling him to quit his evil ways or punishment  will ensue. Alexandre,  being the twisted f**k that he is, finds solace in her threats. He yearns for her judgements and aches for the pain to come.

Throughout the book  I grew exceedingly empathetic towards Alexandre. As it becomes apparent that he is no longer in full command of his faculties. Yes, he is still a reprehensible douche, but when his vulnerability shows, the predator becomes the prey.

Overall this book is very well written  and provides the reader with twists and turns to keep you on your feet. I’d  say Jaden Wilkes  did a fantastic  job of reeling me in and hooking a new  follower of the Dark!

Thank you Jaden for the challenge,  I look forward  to reading more of your words! Oh and I guess I’m  not too afraid of the dark!



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