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Nexus – by Lainie Suzanne

Book: Nexus
Author: Lainie Suzanne
Genre:Romance / BDSM
Reviewer: Nikki K
Stars (Os): OOOO
Katherine embodies the spirit of all 40 something women looking for a little adventure. All too often we are pushed into doing things by our BFF and the outcome is less than desirable. Who would have thought that a night out with Deb would expose Katherine`a hidden self. Taking her life from Mom and everyday gal to sexy sub, Katherine discovers a fantasy world she thought only existed between the pages of her “mommy porn” books. Isaac believed his life to be full without getting messy emotions involved. He was content with his love life being solely D/s. Enter temptation in the form of a voluptuous redhead. The Nexus of Katherine and Isaac was fate in the truest sense. Throughout this book I was able to relate to Katherine. From her insecurities and stowed away sensuality to her submissive tendencies, I could be Katherine. Nexus is a believable, sexy story and the writing style is superb. This was a wonderful debut by Lainie Suzanne.

Nikki Kushma