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(An Exclusive Collection of NINE Red-Hot Romances by bestselling authors, featuring Alpha Males, Fighters, Rock-Stars, Movie Stars, Sexy Bad Boys and more)
by Lexi Ryan, Kaylee Ryan, HJ Bellus, Cambria Hebert, Aly Martinez, Erin Noelle, Tessa Teevan, Ilsa Madden-Mills, and Tia Louise
What’s unique about this anthology? Well….most of these titles have NEVER been in an anthology and a few are very recent releases, not just first books in a series. The authors really worked hard at making this collaboration ONE OF A KIND!

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Head Back to School with NINE COMPLETE (Full-Length) Romances from New York Times, USA Today, and Bestselling authors NEVER BEFORE in ONE Boxed Set!!!

NINE new book boyfriends are all here to make you sigh, swoon, and switch panties as you head back to school (or kiss the kids and send them out the door! *wink*)


UNBREAK ME, by Lexi Ryan: Returning home to be a bridesmaid in her ex-fiancé’s wedding to her sister, Maggie Thompson, a 21-year old college-dropout, hopes to salvage her long-tarnished reputation and strained relationship with her family. Instead, she finds herself caught in a web of secrets and deception between the man who once promised to fix her and the sexy ex-rocker who gives her permission to break.

LEVITATE by Kaylee Ryan: Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, you realize your puzzle is unfinished. With one touch you find a piece you never thought you needed. The piece that makes you Levitate.

BLUE by HJ Bellus: Blue Williams shines no matter the circumstance, until one night changes her forever. The beauty is gone, and all she has left are nasty, ugly memories. The man who saved her has a story of his own, with 90 percent of his body scarred. What happens when the Beauty falls for the Beast?

TATTOO by Cambria Hebert: An undercover cop on vacation, a bank teller just doing her job, and a group of bank robbers waiving a gun around. Just when Brody and Taylor think they’ll make it out a tattoo changes everything.

FIGHTING SILENCE by Aly Martinez: I spent my life dodging the punches reality threw at me. I had worthless parents and two brothers who depended on me. Meeting the love of my life at age thirteen was never part of my plan–neither was gradually going deaf at the age of twenty-one. They both happened anyway.

SPARK by Erin Noelle: Desperate to improve his younger brother’s worsening condition, Crew Elliott and his family decide to turn to unconventional treatments and move to Colorado. It is there, in the search for medical marijuana, he finds beautiful, free-spirited Hudson Shavell–a girl who may not only hold the key to heal his brother, but to fix him as well.

COMBUST by Tessa Teevan: When Virgin Queen Andi Kane meets Cohen Wellington, she’s sure he’s The One… She’s never been more wrong. Three years later, he’s the man she never wants to see again, she’s the one who got away, and this time, despite her protests, he’s not letting her go without a fight.

VERY TWISTED THINGS by Ilsa Madden-Mills: He’s a rock star with a past. She’s the heiress who’s lost everything. Welcome to Briarcrest Academy–Hollywood style–where sometimes the best things in life are VERY TWISTED THINGS.

ONE TO LOVE by Tia Louise: Fighting, tattoos, fame, love, LOSS… It’s the one thing Kenny and Slayde have in common, until the night Fate throws them together and everything changes. It’s a story about fighting, about falling in love; and it’s about losing everything only to find it again in the least likely place.



Signed Paperback from the following authors: Lexi Ryan, Kaylee Ryan, HJ Bellus, Cambria Hebert, Aly Martinez, Erin Noelle, Tessa Teevan, Ilsa Madden-Mills, and Tia Louise

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Release Blitz! Billionaire With a Twist by Lila Monroe

New Release Billionaire With a Twist
by Lila Monroe

Title: Billionaire With a Twist
Series: Billionaire With a Twist #1
Author: Lila Monroe
 Release Date: September 2, 2015


Billionaire Hunter Knox comes straight up – with a side of trouble.Heir to a bourbon fortune, he’s hired my ad agency to save his family business. It’s my chance to win a star client and prove I can play with the big boys, until my one-night stand comes back to haunt me like the ultimate hangover.

Now I have to think up a killer campaign, and keep from falling into bed with Hunter again. Which is easier said than done when he’s the most handsome, arrogant, downright sexiest man I’ve ever met.

I’m going to need another drink.

Author Lila Monroe Billionaire with a Twist teaser 9.2.15



We were both whispering. I wasn’t sure why; the house was so big that we might as well have been in another county as far as the staff were concerned. But the darkness and the secrecy and the soft touches somehow made this moment illicit and stolen and not to be spoken aloud.

“I trust you,” I murmured.

There was a pause as Hunter took in my words. “Thank you,” he finally said.

My hand was still on his. As if they had a will of their own, my fingers began to stroke his palm—I blushed, glad that the poor light would hide it, and pulled away under the pretense of selecting a snack.

The tin was small, but it held a solid assortment of sweets, dried jerky, and home-made trail mix. I chose a chocolate in a bright green foil and unwrapped it, the foil rustling like a secret waiting to be told. When I bit down, a sweet cognac liquor burst across my taste buds, and I couldn’t keep from groaning in ecstasy.

Hunter laughed.

“Hey, you try eating this and not expressing your appreciation!” I shot back at him in a whisper, waving the chocolate in his face.

He raised an eyebrow at me, and then he bit right down on the chocolate in my hand, his soft lips just moistening the tips of my fingers.

I froze.

His rakish grin set my blood on fire as he leaned forward and carefully licked a smudge of chocolate from my thumb.

Calling all doctors, calling all doctors, Allison Bartlett’s heart has just stopped cold.


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Part Two releases September 16, 2015

He’s dirty – no chaser.Billionaire Hunter Knox hired me to save his family bourbon business: I’ve won the big pitch, but now trouble is only just beginning. I’m on a tightrope trying to keep my career from crashing out like a coed after a dozen jaeger shots, and I’ve made it clear to Hunter, our sexy one-night fling can’t be repeated.

So what does the guy do? Turns around and starts dating my sister.

Pour me a double.


Part Three releases September 30, 2015

Warning: love on the rocks.

Sexy bourbon billionaire Hunter Knox hired me to turn around the failing family business, but I wound up losing him the company he loves. Now I have to make it right – which won’t be easy when he’s off the grid at a cabin in the woods, drinking himself into a sexy rugged stupor.
But if there’s one thing I know, it’s that Hunter is worth a shot. Or two. He better line them up, because after tonight, I’m never drinking again.


Author Bio
Amazon bestselling author, queen of the short-reads, and expert at playdough, Lila Monroe loves to read and write tales of sexy Billionaires. Combining her love of writing, sex and well-fitted suits, Lila Monroe wrote her first serial, The Billionaire Bargain. Lila enjoys writing, as it gives her a flexible schedule to spend time with her kids and a wonderful excuse to avoid them. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, who strips out of his well-fitted suits nightly.
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New Release – Frey by Faith Gibson

Book 4 in the Stone Society Series
By Faith Gibson



Geoffrey “Frey” Hartley- soldier, helicopter pilot, boxer, martial arts expert – is the biggest, baddest Gargoyle shapeshifter in the Stone Society. After too much death and destruction, he hung up his dog tags. Now he is the owner of Lion Hart Dojo and Gym. For almost six hundred years, Frey has spent his life protecting humans while secretly praying for a family. Some of his Clan are finding their mates, but the fates aren’t making it easy on any of them.
Abbi Quinn – teacher, wife, sister – is an abused, broken down young woman. After her parents’ death when she was seventeen, Abbi hung up her dreams along with her ballet shoes. Married to an abusive, controlling man, Abbi can’t remember what love feels like. When a stranger offers her a way out of her horrid situation, Abbi is torn. She tried leaving once before and the result almost cost her life.
When Frey finds his mate in the beautiful yet subdued Abbi, the pull between them is undeniable. He vows to find the smile hidden beneath her pain, to give her back her dreams, to see her dance. He will do whatever it takes to rescue her from the hands of her husband, even if it means protecting her from the sidelines.


TaSTy ReView SniPpets

Tanya Rae ~ 5☆

What can I say? I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Gargoyles. I know I say that every time I read a book in The Stone Society Series but, with each book I fall more in LOVE with each Goyle! Frey was no exception! I LOVE Frey! Faith has a great writing style, draws you into her books and doesn’t let you leave until you have completed reading them.

Shannon P ~ 4.5 ☆

I really enjoyed this story although some of the subject matter was difficult to read since it delves into domestic violence. I felt that the abuse aspect of the story was written very well and was very believable as well. I found myself having to put the book down at times because I literally wanted to reach in and choke Troy. I love that Faith Gibson keeps the previous characters involved in each book while also giving me teasers of stories to come.

Theresa M ~ 5☆

There is a lot of story in this book. Faith touches on a lot of emotional issues, but you aren’t brought down by the weight of it all. Parts of it are beautiful, funny, and ugly, but so genuine, you can’t help but get caught up in everything. I found myself laughing, almost crying, cheering quite a bit, and getting pissed off.

Faith Gibson popped my paranormal cherry, and I’m pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed it as much as I did. I wasn’t overpowered with Gargoyle-specific stuff, and I could really sink my teeth in this book (pun definitely intended). She’s written a very good story, and I’ll definitely be reading the previous books in this series to get caught up on all the Gargoyles.

Lita B ~ 5☆

 I have to say that prior to Frey, Gregor was my favorite gargoyle and book. Not so anymore!

An excellent well told story. If I could I would give this story more than 5 O’s but since I can’t 5 will have to do. If you haven’t started the series and you are just reading my review I have to tell you to start reading this series. One of the best series I have read. Cannot wait for the next book to come out. I know who I want to read but I will just wait for who the author decides is next up in the series. Enjoy!

Nikki K ~ 5☆

I fell in love with Frey the moment he first saw Abbie and we are shown his softer side.

It’s no secret that I am a die hard fan of the Stone Society Series, but this book really is my new favorite.  Faith has written a sometimes heart wrenching love story that captured my soul. I can’t imagine a more perfect example of a truly good man than Frey,  he is my new BBF!

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Frey Playlist

Shatter Me – Lindsey Stirling, featuring Lzzy Hale
Caught in the Sun – Course of Nature
True Colors – Cyndi Lauper
If You Only Knew – Shinedown
My Demons – Starset
Waking the Demon – Bullet for My Valentine
Everlong – Foo Fighters
Bully – Shinedown
Song of the Caged Bird – Lindsey Stirling



Warning: This book contains scenes depicting domestic abuse and non-consensual sex between spouses.

If you are involved in an abusive relationship, please seek help NOW. Talk to a friend or
family member, or contact a hotline. Nobody deserves to be abused.

Links to Domestic Violence Hotlines:


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New Release – Have Gun Will Travel



zippedup FINAL

Bare Bones MC Series,
Book 5
Author: Layla Wolfe
Release Date: 6/23/15

✦✦The sun never sets on a Bare Bones patch.

Beatrix Hellman has reunited with her Bare Bones sweetbutt friends from high school. Her isolated life in a mountaintop convent has ground to a sudden halt, her faith dashed against the rocks. She needs something else to believe in, and her old friends become her new family. But a sadistic cartel associate of the club has maimed one of the whores. Bee and the women put a bounty on Tony Tormenta’s head. And they think they know just the man for the job.

Zane “Sax” Saxonberg is back from a different sort of exile. He was banished by his club Prez brother Leo a decade ago to ride the interstates of America as a nomad. Haunting back road BDSM clubs, Sax has a willing submissive in every state. He returns to the Bare Bones’ backyard to help the women and to check on his nephew Harte. Instead he finds a fiery slave in Bee—part camp counselor, part nun, part Force Me Queen.

Will Sax’s bold heroics renew Bee’s faith in the world? She finds control and strength in submitting to the virile bad boy biker. With each power exchange, she is brought closer to a fresh hope and conviction, but tracking down the brutal Tormenta also brings fresh danger as they close in on his mountaintop hideout.

Publisher’s Note: This is Book #5 in the Bare Bones MC series. This book is a stand-alone and can be read out of order, but the series is best read in order to gain the full experience. This is not your mother’s contemporary romance. Daring readers will encounter violence against women, rebel play, May/December age play, exhibitionism/voyeurism, spanking, your garden-variety bondage, and a HEA. It is not for the faint of heart. It’s a full length novel of 70,000 words with no cliffhanger. Recommended 18+ due to mature content and possible triggers.


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Poetry Book Review -Angel’s Journey


Book:Angel’s Journey
Series: The Poetic Story Continues 
Author/Poet: Sydney Taylor
Reviewer: Nikki K
Stars (O’): 5 OOOOO’s

tw review

The erotic writings of Sydney Taylor provide a peek into the sensual world of love and desire. If you are looking for a way to express your hidden desires pick up a copy of Angel’s Journey and share it with your lover. Let Sydney’s words open up your journey to sensual exploration.

I rate Angel’s Journey 5 stars and recommend it to all with a passionate soul.


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Book Review – Deceit by Lainie Suzanne

Author Lainie Suzanne 3Bcover 6.10.15

Book: Deceit
Series: Nexus Book 3
Author: Lainie Suzanne
Reviewer: Nikki K
Stars (Os): 5 OOOOO’s

tw review

Ever since Gina left her troubled past behind in Alabama she has tried to find her true happiness. Club Nexus and the people she’s met there have opened her eyes to a new way of life and exposed her submissive nature. With her desires awakened and her sights set on Master Leo, she decides it’s best to let the less desirable aspects of her old life fade into the darkness.

Master Leo has a reputation for being a bit more sadistic than the other Dom’s at Club Nexus. While he’s had no trouble finding women to occupy his time, finding a worthy sub to accept his demanding nature has proven more difficult, that is until he starts to train Gina. Just when Leo thinks he’s making headway with the beautiful sub, he discovers her deceitful ways. Will Gina realize the error of her ways and come clean about her life to Leo? Or will Gina’s past come back to haunt her destroying chance at happiness with the sexy Dom?

As Gina’s story unfolded, it opened up a world of deceit that drew me in. I found myself unable to put the book (tablet) down. Once the web of secrets is unraveled, the compassion I felt for Gina was profound. Without a man like Leo, Gina may have succumbed to her old ways, the life her parents had set out for her.

Deceit offers a darker look at the “vanilla” lifestyle than what was depicted in the first two books in this series. Lainie Suzanne has shown that the perceived “normal” is not necessarily a better way to live. Living an open and honest BDSM lifestyle can bring true passion, love and happiness if you let your baggage go. As with Nexus and Soliel, Deceit offers gorgeous Doms and beautiful submissives engaged in supremely erotic acts.

If you are looking for a great story with steamy hot sex, Deceit will not disappoint. Unless of course, you have no outlet for your own heightened desires. In which case, double check your booty call list, battery supply, and electrical outlets prior to starting this book. That’s right, the heat rises on the first page, so be prepared! I loved this book, but I will admit to wanting more Leo (sigh… Leo) I miss him already. I rate this book 5 stars and cannot wait for the next installment of the Nexus series!

Although I was provided an ARC for my honest review, I purchased a copy to add to my collection of books I love!


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Release Blitz – Shuttergirl by CD Reiss

Are you ready for a different kind of love story?
Meet Michael & Laine in this Hollywood themed second chance romance by CD Reiss!



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ShutterGirl Book Trailer:

shuttergirl release shuttergirl it's live


ONE movie star on the cusp of greatness
ONE broken girl who touched him
TEN years to forget her
A MILLION stories in Hollywood

I am not hurt.

I don’t need a second chance with him, or a life I thought I had.

While he was out forgetting me to become a movie star, I was building a career out of nothing. A career as a paparazzi, but a career. For a foster kid who bounced around every home in Los Angeles, that wasn’t easy.

This camera is all I have.

He’s nothing to me. Every time I take his picture and sell it, I remind myself that I did it all without him or his approval, his cinnamon smell or his clear green eyes. He lights up the screen like a celestial body, but he’s nothing but a paycheck to me.

He can throw my camera off a balcony, and nothing has to change. We can stay king and queen of the same city, and different worlds.

Except this is Hollywood, and here, anything can happen.

shuttergirl teaser 2

Excerpt #1

I stroked his hair, waist deep in peace, all worry gone for the moment, and floating in no more than an ocean of gratitude. I must have been more vulnerable than I realized, or he’d reopened some wound with his kindness, because though my sweet reverie stayed, as the minutes passed, a layer of need fitted itself on top of it.
I needed to tell him, if not the details, the outlines of who I was.
“I want you to know,” I whispered, starting somewhere small, then everything I didn’t want to say spilled out. “I have stuff. I’ve never been to jail, but you know, it’s stuff, and it’s ugly, and it scares me. Because, I mean, you’re so perfect, and I’m… I’m just a mess. I’m not whole. I’m a bunch of pieces of a person I cobbled together.” My eyes got wet when I thought of the comparisons between us and that picture in my silverware drawer. “So if you have to move on when you realize that, I’ll understand. You have an image, and if anyone understands protecting a career, it’s me. I mean, I’ll be mad, don’t get that wrong, but also.” I swallowed and blinked, shifting my head so he wouldn’t feel the tear on his forehead. “I won’t blame you.”
I waited for an answer. Anything. A change in position or a word on any subject. The weather. Sports. Something. But all he did was breathe.
I smiled so wide, tears fell into my mouth. He was sleeping.

Author C. D. Reiss shuttergirl teaser

Book Reviews 

Reviewer: Nikki K
Stars: 5 O’s for Oh Yeah!

Michael Greydon and Laine Cartwright may have lived in the same city their entire lives and even mixed in the same circles, but their lives are worlds apart. Since they met as teens the pair have had an undeniable attraction to one another, an attraction that never had a chance to grow into more. When their paths cross years later will they be able to pick up where they left off, or will it be too late?

From his first appearance, I found myself falling in love with Michael. He is the Sexy Good Guy that melts your heart and your panties at the same time. Laine on the other hand had me rooting for her and her city. She’s a no nonsense gal from the city streets, that pulled herself up by the bootstraps and made something of herself. Just the type of chick I’d want as a friend. As a standalone, this book takes us from the history of the couple to their present day. We are shown their deepest secrets and fears while being lead to a fantastic conclusion.

Shuttergirl is a departure from CD Reiss’s normal Alpha male/BDSM books. This book, while containing some smoking hot scenes, is a true love story. It’s more character driven than her previous books and I love that. Being invested in the lives of Laine and Michael, I found it hard to put the book down. (In-fact, my husband walked into the bathroom to find me reading on my phone as I was styling my hair before work.)

CD has proven herself very capable of switching gears and offering her readers a new perspective on the Hollywood romance. I for one look forward to reading more of CD’s work in the future no matter what the genre, but Shuttergirl will remain a 5 star romance in my heart!

** I was given this book as an ARC for an honest review, I liked it so much I bought a copy!

Reviewer: Shannon P
Stars: 4 OOOO’S

I have been a fan of CD Reiss’ writing for some time now. She has a knack for writing some dark and dirty stories. ShutterGirl, however, is unlike any of her other books. This is a standalone romance telling the story of second chance love under the bright lights of Hollywood.

Laine Cartwright is a photographer and is well known in the paparazzi world as the one who can always get the money shot. Michael Greydon is an A-list actor known as America’s Boyfriend. He gets along with everyone and does exactly what is expected of him at all times. He grew up privileged while she moved from home to home in the foster system. He left while they were in high school together to make a movie while she was dragged into the dark and seedy underbelly of Hollywood. Ten years have passed. So what happens when he recognizes the girl behind the camera as that same girl? What if there are things in her past that could ruin his future?

“I’m a paparazza. He’s a movie star. You see why this could never work.” CD Reiss makes it work though. I give ShutterGirl 4 stars.

*I received this book as an ARC for an honest review.


cd reiss new bio

CD Reiss is a USA Today and Amazon bestseller. She still has to chop wood and carry water, which was buried in the fine print. Her lawyer is working it out with God but in the meantime, if you call and she doesn’t pick up, she’s at the well, hauling buckets.
Born in New York City, she moved to Hollywood, California to get her master’s degree in screenwriting from USC. In case you want to know, that went nowhere, but it did embed TV story structure in her head well enough for her to take a big risk on a TV series structured erotic series called Songs of Submission. It’s about a kinky billionaire hung up on his ex-wife, an ingenue singer with a wisecracking mouth; art, music and sin in the city of Los Angeles.
Critics have dubbed the books “poetic,” “literary,” and “hauntingly atmospheric,” which is flattering enough for her to put it in a bio, but embarrassing enough for her not to tell her husband, or he might think she’s some sort of braggart who’s too good to give the toilets a once-over every couple of weeks or chop a cord of wood.
If you meet her in person, you should call her Christine.

Stalk Her:


Twitter:   @CDReisswriter






I am so happy with the response to Shuttergirl, and I cannot wait to send Michael and Laine out into the world, because who doesn’t swoon over a second chance at love?

It’s a new genre for me, and I’m exploding with excitement, so I’ve dropped some fantastic reasons for readers to get the book right away.

shuttergirl teaser tour

$500 Spa Gift Card

If you could get an hour, or ten away from the daily grind of paparazzi and interviews (or the job and kids), what would you do?

Get a foot rub/slash/pedicure? A massage? Maybe something called a Sleep Treatment that right now sounds better than sex?

Maybe you’d bring a friend or two, or maybe you’d just get a manipedi when you wanted one. Because the life of a megastar ain’t for the weak-willed or lazy, and running from paparazzi can really wear down a girl’s nails.

Woodhouse Spas are no joke. They’re all over the country and they’re….sigh. Fabulous. But if you don’t live near one, we can do Burke Williams, Halcyon Days or Red Door.

The link to the quiz is in the back of the book, and yes, that’s the ONLY place to find it! There are bonus questions relating to Jonathan and Antonio for extra prizes. You have until June 3rd to enter! That gives you a solid two weeks to read the book and get your chance at a $500 movie star spa treatment!

If you are a paperback reader, email me and we’ll work it out .

Thank You!

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New Release


Book 3 of The Stone Society

by Faith Gibson


Release Date: May 12, 2015

Self Published


When one enemy is taken out, another rises up. One who is hell bent on destroying The Stone Society.

Dante Di Pietro is the New Atlanta Medical Examiner. Over 500 years old, Dante has resigned to living his life alone until he finds his mate, the pretty doctor he is working closely with at the prison. She is well aware of the fact that Dante is a Gargoyle. She herself is a half-blood who comes from the Original line of shifters.

Isabelle Sarantos’ life has not been easy. When she was 12, her parents sent her to live with a foster family, hiding the truth of what she is. Now, 20 years later, Isabelle’s life has been thrown into another tailspin. Not only has she just found out she’s a half-blood shifter, but the fates have decided Isabelle is the perfect mate for the sexy Medical Examiner. Isabelle is not only guarding her heart, but a secret from her past that may take care of any feelings Dante has for her.

Book 3 is an adventure full of passion, secrets, action, and hot sex.

tw review

 TaSTy LaDy Shannon P gave DANTE ☆☆☆☆☆

Dante is the third book in the Stone Society series by Faith Gibson, and I think this is my favorite one to date. I really enjoyed the writing style and the pace of the storyline. There is drama, action, hot sex, and several “awwww” moments that brought tears to my eyes.

Dante is the local medical examiner, and yes, he’s a Gargoyle. Isabelle has only recently learned that she is a shifter as well, but she’s a half-blood. The fates have decided that these two are meant to be mated. However, what happens when secrets from the past come back to life? Can Isabelle open her heart up once again and allow Dante and his Clan to help her?

I have to admit that I never thought that I would be such a fan of a paranormal series. However, Faith Gibson pulls me further in with each book. She gives just enough backstory of other characters that it leaves you excited for more books. Not to mention, she also doesn’t leave out the characters from the previous books. They are all intricately woven together in a flawless manner which just adds so much depth and emotion to the current storyline.

I give Dante 5 stars and I can’t wait to see where this series goes next.

*I received this book as an ARC for an honest review.



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For the month of May a portion of the proceeds from the sales of  ALL of The Stone Society books will benefit the Keith Milano Memorial fund for mental health awareness.







Title: April
Series: Calendar Girl #4
Author: Audrey Carlan
 Release Date: April 29, 2015



Baseball, beer, and a hot boy. Nothing can beat that. Until I meet Mason “Mace” Murphy the next “it” pitcher for the Boston Red Sox and my client. He’s immature, arrogant, sexy as sin, and the last man that’s going to get into my panties. He’s not used to hearing the word no from women, so I’m going to spell it out for him.

N = Not going to happen.

O = Out of your league buddy.

I was hired to cuddle up to the annoying, beautiful athlete, and give prospective advertisers and fans a different view of this hot-shot professional baller.

Only he’s everything I detest in a man all wrapped into a dream package. Baseball player, talented, athletic body, sculpted face, and ass you can bounce quarters off of. Unfortunately, he also believes he’s God’s gift to women, a man-whore, throws money around like it grows on trees, and conceited. The challenge for him, to break down my defenses and get in there. My challenge, avoid hopping in the sack with him at all costs.


Mia Saunders continues her mission to save her comatose father from her dangerous, loan-shark ex-boyfriend. This month, she serves as a high-priced escort to a professional baseball player named Mace Murphy in Boston, MA.

Each installment in the Calendar Girl Serial will release every month throughout 2015. The stories will feature Mia’s journey as an escort to twelve clients in twelve different locations. Warning: This book is designed for audiences 18+ due to language and graphic sexual content.

Links to Buy


Also Available







Author Bio


Audrey Carlan is an Amazon Best Selling Author
who writes erotic contemporary romances, such as the wildly popular
“Falling Series.” She lives in the sunny California Valley two hours
away from the city, the beach, the mountains and the precious…the vineyards.
She has been married to the love of her life for over 10 years and has two
young children that live up to their title of “Monster Madness” on daily basis.
When she’s not writing, sipping wine with her “soul sisters”, or doing yoga,
she can be found with her nose stuck in book or her Kindle. A hot, smutty,
romantic book to be exact!

Author Links

★✩★Desires Unleashed TaSty Blog Tourgasm★✩★

Title: Desires Unleashed
Author: Miles Hightower
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: March 31, 2015

Mitch and Molly have a happy marriage, but they are wanting something more. They both admit to having similar fantasies and desires that go beyond their current relationship. See which discoveries they act on and how their marriage handles their erotic adventure as their desires become unleashed.

After a few more minutes, I see her coming down the stairs. She looks magnificent. No makeup. She knows I like her natural beauty. Her hair is pulled back into a ponytail. She has on a white satin cover up that just barely hangs down past her cheeks. Tied in front but only closed enough to allow for a deep plunging neckline. The deep V of her cover up starts at her shoulders splits her chest and goes down to her bellybutton. With each step she takes, I can get a teasing glimpse of the triangle of stubble between the tops of her legs. Before she reaches the last step I can smell her perfume. Mmmm. The smell is sweet and enticing. My cock is coming to life.
“What ‘cha watching’?” she asks with a seductive grin.
Actually, I didn’t know anymore. I got too caught up in watching her come down the steps to notice what was on TV.
“Uhhh, apparently watching one woman going down on another while being taken from behind” stating the obvious as we both look to the action.
“Mmmm, looks fun,” she says
“Which one would you want to be?” I ask her.
“Well, I’ve never been with another woman, so maybe the one getting her clit licked,” she dreams. “Plus, I could watch you fuck someone, too.”
Then she slides up my legs as she gets on the bed. Purposefully, she runs her nipples along my chest on her way up to kiss me. We give each other a deep, wet, tongue-touching kiss, and then she starts to slowly slide back down my body. Her hands slip under my shirt and raise it up enough to kiss my chest. I can feel her warm breath on my nipples. Next, her tongue follows my hairline down to my waist. Fingers curl under the waistband of my shorts and pull them slowly towards my feet. My hard cock finds a newfound freedom. My sac clenches in the cool air. Hands run back up the sides of my legs, curl over the top of my hips and fingers wrap around my shaft. Her eyes peer up at me as her tongue slowly reaches out and swirls around the tip of my cock. The warm wetness cools quickly.
“What are you doing?” I ask. “Thought I was supposed to tie you up?”
“Yes, you are. But I wanted to give you a little pleasure first,” she smiles.
Who am I to say no?
Her lips feel good on my dick . . . soft and firm at the same time. Her tongue tickles the sensitive underside of my head. She licks up and down my stiff shaft. The unyielding grip from her fingers reminds me of sliding into her ass. I peek at the TV and see two women sharing a guy’s dick between them. Makes me wish we had a friend to join us. My twitching balls get my attention back to Molly. She has moved far below my cock. Kisses now tickle the base of my shaft. Her tongue swirls up and dances with my balls. Gently stroking my shaft, her hand gets me closer to finishing. I look back to the TV for a moment and watch the two women share the guy’s release.
“Fuck . . . you need to stop,” I tell Molly. “I don’t want to cum yet.”
She looks up at me with a devilish grin while she decides if she is actually going to stop or not. She takes a peek at the TV. A scene comes on that catches her interest. She crawls back up my body then lowers herself back onto my stiff cock.
She is watching a woman on TV get pleasured by two guys. I can see in her eyes she has placed herself in that situation. Fucking me while imagining that only adds to the realism of her fantasy. I reach up with both hands, cup one of her tits and begin sucking on her nipple. The skin is taut. I rake the tip of it between my tongue and teeth and she moans. Her rhythm on my dick is getting faster and deeper. She’s working up an orgasm, but I don’t want her to cum yet.
I release her nipple and give her a crack on the ass with my hand. Her hips twitch with the jolt of pain.
“Yes!” she exclaims



“Time to get tied up,” I warn her, then I push her one way as I slide out from under her in the other direction.
Mitch Sinclair
Personality: Mitch is easy going and likes to joke around. Not much in life really bothers him, as he tends to not worry about the things he has no control over. He is a tease and flirt, and is always willing to back it up but never without Molly getting involved. Even though he likes to flirt, his wife is still number one to him.
Professional: Mitch’s second passion, after Molly, is flying. He grew up always wanting to be a pilot and got a job as a flight instructor after studying Aviation Flight in college. Unfortunately his flying career didn’t work out as he dreamed; therefore he began working in the automotive industry as a Quality Engineer. Fortunately, Mitch still flight instructs on some evenings and on the weekends to keep his dream of flying alive.
Physical Traits: 
Age: 39 (who really gets older than this, right?)
Height: 6’1”
Weight: Not a ripped bodybuilder type, but one can tell he works out.
Eyes: Blue/Green
Hair: Brown, with silver highlights starting to emerge. Typically has a five o’clock shadow.
Tattoos: none, but not out of the question
Piercings: Left ear (grew up in the 80’s)
Molly Sinclair
Personality: Molly is wound tighter than Mitch. While she likes to joke and flirt as well, sometimes life gets to her. She and Mitch complement each other well. She keeps Mitch grounded when he needs to be and he helps raise her mood when life brings her down. Molly does have a wild side to her, which Mitch didn’t even know existed. Until now.
Professional: Molly is college educated and works at a consulting firm. She is the Office Manager there and oversees much of the work that goes on there. While she is no authority in any one field she has a staff of experts under her. From accounting, advertising, social media, and customer relations to dealing with upper management, Molly has a broad range of knowledge and skills.
Physical Traits:
Age: 37
Height: 5’6”
Physique: A beautiful figure that she feels somewhat confident in. She carries a few extra pounds, in the right spots, rather than being a few pounds light; curves instead of corners.
Eyes: Brown with metallic specs
Hair: Dark Brown with a hint of dark red in the right light, down to about the middle of her back
Tattoos: None
Piercings: Just ears, but is considering other places


Miles Hightower is my alter ego and now pen name. He came about as my wife started reading erotic romance and discussing the books in FB chat groups. Wanting to be apart of what interested her, I came up with Miles Hightower as a persona to lurk about in the social media world while keeping my personal life personal.
I am a husband, for 16 years and counting, to my wife Sara. We have two children. When not being a husband and dad to them, I enjoy flying. At one point I wanted to be a career corporate pilot, flying Lear jets all over the country. After I graduated from college I taught people how to fly for three years. Long story short, a flying career didn’t work out and I ended up working in manufacturing. But that’s where I met Sara. So it did work out after all. I still work in manufacturing, as a Quality Engineer and now just fly for fun when the weather is nice.
Along with flying I also enjoy playing golf, darts, taking my family to water parks, sitting in our hot tub or on a beach with Sara and a glass of wine and now writing. I tried to learn the guitar a few years ago, but that didn’t go so well. Apparently I have no musical talent whatsoever. I am a product of the 80’s and still am very into the hair band music from that era. And no, I didn’t have big hair back in the day, but I did sport a mullet.
As far as my writing goes, I don’t write “Disney Fairytale” style romances (as I like to call them) where a knight in shining armor comes in and saves the damsel in distress. I write about fictional erotic fantasy from a guy’s perspective; about how a guy might think, feel or act in a particular situation. My stories are ideas I make up with a little reality involving the things that interest me, like flying, and life in general tossed in. I do research the things that I don’t know anything about, in an effort to make the story seem a little more real than complete fantasy. If it’s on the internet it’s true, right? I like my book(s) to come of as fantasy, yet slightly plausible.
Anything else you want to know about me, hit me up on my author page on Facebook or at
Again, thanks for stopping by. Miles


We decided to do something a little different with our review portion of the tour.  Since we have 6 reviews, we are sharing excerpts  from each review.

“Throughout the book I found myself in awe of the way Mitch describes his wife Molly. From the feel of her skin on his, to the way their bodies fit together, he speaks with pure unadulterated desire and adoration.
Ladies are sure to fall in love with Mitch and long to be Molly.

Miles Hightower has done a great job of writing this erotic romance from a male perspective. I’ve always wondered what it feels like for a man when he finds physical pleasure and Miles has answered many of those questions for me. Thank you Miles ;)”
●5 Star Review – Nikki K

“This is Miles Hightower’s debut Novel and he has written this book with a male perspective in mind. If you want a VERY HOT, HOT, HOT read and yes it is HOT! Then Desires Unleashed is for you! WARNING: You may need a sponge, a towel or something to sit on while you read this book.”
●5 Star Review – Tanya W

“This is the debut novel for Miles Hightower and he does an excellent job of taking the reader on an erotic ride as the main characters Mitch and Molly explore their kinky side with their new found friends. OOOOOMG is it HOT!”
●5 Star Review -Tricia R

“Do you have some hot and sexy fantasies? Of course you do. Now what if your partner wanted to turn all of those fantasies into reality. Would you do it? If so, what effect would it have, if any, on your relationship? This is the story of Mitch and Molly, a couple who have decided to explore other…umm, let’s say, unconventional methods of expressing their love for one another. Will their marriage survive once they have unleashed their deepest, darkest desires?
This is a debut novel for Miles Hightower, and I have to say this, he can write some seriously HOT sex scenes.”
●4 Star Review -Shannon P

“Miles Hightower has written a great story. I can’t believe this is his first book. It starts off hot and doesn’t cool off until the end. Have a cool drink and/or your partner close by when you read this. You’ve been warned!”
●5 Star Review – Theresa M

“As I continued reading this book; I was quite curious what the author had in store for the readers. The author did not disappoint. This book was the sexiest book I have read! I can say the sex scenes were told in such a way that this reader was squirming throughout the book and was quite horny.”
●5 Star Review – Lita T

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