Author Spotlight – Garrett Carkos

Author Spotlight – Garrett Carkos



 G original picAbout the Author:

I was born in Texas, but moved around a lot because my father was in the oil business. My teen years were spent in California, where I was the poster boy for bad boys.
I played drums in a band called, ‘Brand X’. I surfed. I smoked, drank, and chased women. I was pretty good at it.
The chasing women part anyway.

I did my time at Cerritos College where they handed me my first college degree. I now have a couple more. One from UNLV in marketing and another from NYU in journalism.
Next, I spent a few years in law enforcement, before flipping to the dark side where I worked in a casino , (Caesars’ Palace) thanks to my father’s connections to the owner, the late Jay Sarno. It was there I found my niche.

A few years ago, I decided I wanted to be a writer. More specifically, a writer of erotica. I figured I might as well put my dirty mind to work. I’ve sold stories to Hustler, Penthouse, and Bitch magazines thru the years and their dough was good. The perks weren’t bad, either. I’ll let you think about that.
My inspiration comes from anything; a sight, a sound, a smell, a neatly turned phrase I hear on TV or radio, kids playing in a park, or simply draw something from my real life and suddenly, I have a story!
You can also find me under my pen name, Garrett Carkos on Amazon.


Books by Garrett



 I WIll Love You For A Thousand Years

Ultimate MILF


Tomorrowland (Cloud Nine Bedtime Stories Book 1)

The Locket (Cloud Nine Bedtime Stories Book 2)

12 Days of Christmas: Naughty or Nice? {Anthology}



Reckless Blurb:
Alexis Cole was born in the Tennessee hills as a result of her waitress
mother’s fooling around with trucker’s during her dinner breaks. A
victim of her trailer park environment and with no real guidance from
her mother, young Alexis follows in her mother’s footsteps. But, she had
no interest in truckers. Her sights were higher. She went after older men
with money and that was her ticket out of the Tennessee hills to
Beverly Hills. After a string of failed marriages and countless
meaningless affairs and one night stands, she reevaluates her life and
begins her quest to find Mr. Right. She finds that journey frightening
when she is almost gang raped, but saved at the last second by a
mysterious biker named Zeke. It was a combination of lust and love at
first sight for her, but men like Zeke aren’t so easy to tame. He was
ruggedly handsome with long hair, big arms, and heavily tattooed. Women
swooned over him like a rockstar. It was during a visit to his
grandmothers high upon a mountain that Alexis finally knew he was Mr.
Right. Unfortunately, he didn’t see it that way and the couple go their
separate ways.She travels to Las Vegas to find her missing father who
was now working as an Elvis impersonator, she learns of a late night
radio program that sets the stage for a powerful and tearful conclusion.

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The Garrett Carkos Files

A selection of lusty tales and sordid romances that feature graphic sex and sexual situations. The categories include straight sex, lesbianism, MILF, bondage, masturbation, voyeurism, and incest. All stories are XXX rated and should not be viewed by persons under 18 years old. If its arousal you’re looking for, you’ll find it in Garrett Carkos Files. Caution… They’re smoking’ hot!


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Searching for Barbie by Garrett Carkos coming January 2015

**Excerpt from ‘Searching for Barbie’

Once she got me upstairs and closed the door behind us, the Baron’s maid began undressing. I tilted my head to my shoulder and looked her over. Yeah, she was hot for a woman old enough to be my mother. But, I was still horny as fuck and needed some release before the Baron showed up again.

I kicked my stilettos off and dropped my handbag.

“This? You want some of this?” I asked teasingly as I walked to her slowly.

“You’re such a tease for a young girl. You better be careful.” She replied as she stepped out of her panties.

“That’s no answer. Do you want me or not?”

“Oh, yes. I’d love to warm you up for him.”

“Fuck that. Maybe I’ll warm you up for me…come here bitch.”

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