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61WWiFjHrZL._UX250_Author: Amy Lynn Garcia
Book: Dark Kiss
Series: The two sides of me
Publisher: Self published through Amazon

Q: What inspired you to start writing?
A: I was encouraged by a friend to write a romance novel. We were what I like to call “Mom Smut Sisters” and swapped books, recommended great reads and warned each other of books not worth our money. I never really took her seriously until I read This Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas and researched how she got started. I was completely head over heels for Jesse Ward and a story about my own Alpha male character began to grow until I wrote a blurb and asked some friends to read it….the enthusiastic response was so surprising I thought what the hell? I’ll give it a shot!

Q: What is your favorite genre to write? Read?
A: I’ve only written one novel so far, well one and a half, I’m working on Dark Thief book #2 in The two sides of me series. So I’d have to say contemporary/erotic romance but I’m very much interested in doing a young adult novel in the future, it would be nice to write something my daughters would feel comfortable reading! As far as reading I am a full fledged romance reader but I enjoy young adult, paranormal romance and mystery.

Q: What will we find on your bookshelves?
A: Well that’s easy! Dark Kiss, This Man, Beneath This Man, This Man Confessed, The Twilight series, Flowers in the Attic, One Night Promised, 50 shades series, Archers Voice, Bella Andre books, Kate Perry books, Katie Ashley, Brenda Rothert and don’t forget Jim Gaffigan’s book Dad is fat! So many more it’s impossible to list them all but the first few are my all time favorites.

Q: What writer/Book speaks to your soul?
A: Mud Vein by Tarryn Fisher

Q: Why?
A: I can’t even say if I liked it or not but this book brought out so many emotions in me and it was the first true non happily ever after story I’ve ever read. I was on the edge of my seat curious to see what was going to happen next with every page. It’s not a story like any I’ve ever read before, I kept waiting for things to get better with the characters but that wasn’t the kind of book it was. I actually had to stop reading for a couple weeks after Mud Vein to recover, it was a lock yourself in the bathroom and bawl when it’s over kind of book for me.

Q: What was your inspiration for the book?
A: My main character is a nurse and so am I so I guess I am part of the inspiration. Strong alpha males with big hearts and strong stern personalities became my obsession, so I’d say that kind of man was also my inspiration.
Jodi Ellen Malpas was inspiring to me as well, being a single mom working for her family and having a burning desire to share her story was so encouraging! I didn’t know anything about INDIE publishing until I read her biography.

Q: Do you write from your own experiences?
A: Sometimes, most of the time it’s an experience I’ve had and then I expand on it, occasionally I wildly expand on it! Other things are just dreams of mine and then there are the things that are completely made up in my mind.

Q: If yes, how does this book relate to your life?
A: Well Mia is a nurse and so am I. I was never traumatized like she was thankfully. I surprisingly have more in common with Evan. My own mother was Schizophrenic like Evan’s and some of his experiences were fashioned after my own. I lost my mother to suicide and so did he, and my father was not as in denial of my mothers disease as his was but I was left alone as a child while my dad traveled and I had to figure out how to deal with a lot of bizarre situations the same way Evan does. I’m sure there are many other similarities, some that I don’t even realize.

Q: Do you listen to music for inspiration when writing?
A: I like to make a play list for my books as I write them, songs that bring out the feelings of the characters or songs that are playing in the actual scene. Other times I listen to classical or piano when I’m really trying to concentrate, otherwise I’m too focused on singing lyrics!

Q: Which of your books/characters relates most to you?
A: Mia is a woman and has a great yearning for love even though she’s been through some pretty rough experiences. I have to say she and I think the same way and have similar quirks, smart mouths and the burning and sometimes hopeless need to fix someone and make them happy.

Q: What message, if any, would you like readers to get from your book?
A: Oh I want people to know love is obtainable! I want them to never give up on finding their King or Queen and when they do I want them to fight like hell to keep them, do whatever it takes, love unconditionally, fiercely with their whole heart….that’s all!

Q: What book do you wish you had written yourself?
A: Wow, well I adore This Man and Jesse Ward of course so that would have been awesome. I also have always been fascinated by how Stephanie Meyers twisted and turned her Twilight series so many different ways and then all of those ideas came together in the end in a way that made the world fall in love with Edward and Bella. So yea, Twilight would have been a cool book to have written, not so sure about all the fame that SM received though, that must be very difficult.

Q: What would you like readers to know about you?
A: I think the most important thing I’d want them to know is that I’m a woman who loves to read romance, just like they do. I also feel it’s important that they know that the number one reason I write isn’t for money or fame (which is good because I have neither!) but to make my reader feel emotions, I want to make you love my characters, I want to make you cry or yell at them in frustration and jump up and down in joy when they finally get something right! If I can do that, it’s all worth it to me.

Q: What are you working on now?
A: I’m currently writing the second book in The two sides of me trilogy titled Dark Thief. I hope to have it published the end of November 2014.


topic specific questions
Q: Is BDSM something you are into IRL?
A: BDSM isn’t for me personally.

Q: Would you consider yourself a DOM (DOMME), Sub or Switch?
A: As I said BDSM isn’t my lifestyle of choice but as for this subject I’d say I’m a DOM outside the bedroom because I’ve raised 5 daughters essentially alone and I am very independant, I like things my way and tend to be pretty inflexible on many topics, oh yea and I really like to be right even when I’m obviously wrong! But in the bedroom is a different story, I want my partner to take over and give me a break! You lead and I’ll follow darling, no problem submitting here.

Q: Have you/would you carry on a long term D/s relationship or is it just a playtime enjoyment?
A: I’ve not been in any relationship where anyone was designated in either role.

Q:What is your toy/implement of choice?
A: I’m up to try most anything once, I have all the normal BOB toys that all single women need to survive.

Q:Do you Have any tattoos or piercings?
A: I have three tattoos, tramp stamp butterfly and vines, Japanese symbol/writing that means Laughter on my upper back and most recently quote marks on my wrist that I got after publishing Dark Kiss. Only things pierced are my ears although I’ve considered a naval or labia minora piercings, just too chicken to do it so far!

Q: IRL, do you like a partner with tattoos or piercings?
A: I’m good with or without tattoos but piercings don’t do it for me on a guy.

Q: Have you been with a partner with genital piercings? Or tattoos?
A: No I have not…had a patient or two before I was an OB nurse with both though!

Q: Do you play a musical instrument?
A: Not really, in school I tried the flute but I got a late start in band and never really caught up. My dad just gave me a piano for my birthday this year though and it’s on my bucket list to learn to play….if I ever get caught up with my writing!


Dark Kiss

Amy Lynn Garcia



This is the first in a series about Evan Lawson and Mia Galloway. Two brave survivors, one dominant and one innocent. Thrown together by circumstances beyond their control, neither of them looking or believing themselves capable of love. A white hot fire ignites and they begin to learn to fight against all odds for this unique, unexpected love. Can their love survive their past demons or will it separate them permanently?

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Dark Thief Comes out later this year..  Add it to your TBR now!


about the author

I am Amy Lynn Garcia, daughter, sister, cousin, mother, nurse, grandma…no..no…call me Mimi I’m too young to be a grandma, writer and friend. We are all something to someone, and I love all the hats I wear in my life. I was born in 1969 which is where I lay blame to my compulsion to write erotica and romance, wink. That makes me…uh…yea 45, no way really? My mind is still very young but not naive I’ve seen a lot and experienced more, you may think I don’t know what’s going on but be assured this Mama knows what’s up! I enjoy creating characters that have something people can relate to, who are real, addictive and intriguing. Love has always been a desire just out of my reach, as it is for many people. I believe that is what draws me into stories with superb happily ever afters. I want to connect with people on that level, let them know they aren’t alone, that love can triumph over all, we all long for that special one that takes our breath away.

 My Biography simply put is this,  I am a mother of 5 daughters, born and raised in Iowa, and no I don’t see farm animals on a daily basis, just at the state fair once a year. I live in the suburbs, just a mom trying to make it and support her children. Divorced once, and another long term relationship failed as well.  I feel that qualifies me to write about relationship pain and disappointment. I worked a million retail jobs, was a receptionist in many hair salons, and attended college off and on for years before I finally settled down and went to college to become a nurse. Doing things the hard way is my specialty, point proven, I waited until I had 5 young daughters, one only 6 weeks old to go back to college. I received a degree in nursing and graduated from Mercy College of Health Sciences. I specialize in antepartum nursing or as I like to call it “The Anti Birthing Unit” where we keep premature babies in utero as long as possible. I’ve always had a calling to help people, even at the age of 5 I created hospitals in my basement and gave my baby dolls shots in the butt.  As much as nursing is my career, writing is my passion. Being creative has sparked a fire within me that is now burning out of control, ideas and characters flow from my mind constantly and unfortunately, when I’m driving or mowing the grass with no pen or paper. My ultimate goal when I write is to help my reader feel something, if your heart skips a beat, if you shed a tear, connect with my characters or if you can’t wait for the next in my series, my job has been done.

The release of book 2 in The Two Sides of Me series is due out late November or early December of 2014 on Amazon, watch for it!

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