1000 Likes Celebration Spotlight on Bella Jeanisse

1000 Likes Celebration Spotlight on Bella Jeanisse 


Author Interview

Author: Bella Jeanisse

Book: Sinful Needs

Series: Triple Threat (Wicked End)

Publisher: Xynobooks


Q: What inspired you to start writing?

A: A traumatic event led me to working out my confusion by writing and I got hooked on creating worlds I wished I lived in.

Q: What is your favorite genre to write? Read?

A: At this point in my life, both would be Erotica.

Q: What will we find on your bookshelves?

A: Olivia Cunning, Travis Luedke, Patricia A. Knight, Jenna Galicki and many more.

Q: What writer/Book speaks to your soul?

A: I’d have to say Olivia Cunning.

Q: Why?

A:  I started reading her books after I had a few of my own completed and felt a connection right away. Most of all the Sinner’s series. They were written with plenty of smut, just the way I like things.

Q: What was your the inspiration for your book?

A: My first book was inspired by a dream I once had for myself, becoming a famous bassist.

Q: Do you write from your own experiences?

A: That I do, with permission, but the scenes usually morph because the characters take over.

Q: If yes, how does this book relate to your life?

A: Each of my books contain some of my own fantasies and things I have dealt with over the years. Some closer to the heart than others.

Q: Do you listen to music for inspiration when writing?

A: I listen to music as much as possible and it never fails to inspire me. If I’m stuck, I’ll listen to something that reminds me of the character and usually I get what I need.

Q: What type?

A: Rock/Metal, depending on my mood, mostly Avenged Sevenfold.

Q: Which of your books/characters relates most to you?

A: It’s a toss up between Crystal and Mackenzie. They both have pieces of me. If you ask my ex-husband though, Crystal IS me.

Q: What message, if any, would you like readers to get from your book?

A: Don’t give up on your dreams. They may come true in a way you didn’t expect.

Q: What book do you wish you had  written yourself?

A: Backstage Pass

Q: What would you like readers to know about you?

A: I won’t stop writing until I get all the stories in my head out even if I never become famous. Since I come up with new ones every few months, I doubt I’ll ever run out.

Q: What do/did you do for a living before writing?

A: I do server tech support via chat. Yes, the guys I work with know what I write and many have read my books.

Genre specific questions

●Bad Boys/Girls piercings and Tats

Q:Do you Have any tattoos or piercings?

A: I have 4 tattoos but just my ears pierced. Plan to get more tattoos, but they’re not cheap.

Q: IRL, do you like a partner with tattoos or piercings?

A: Yes. No tattoos is not as much fun for me. Lip and tongue piercings are fun too.

Q: Have you been with a partner with genital piercings? Or tattoos?

A: Not yet.


Q: Do you play a musical instrument?

If so, what do you play

A: I do, guitar and bass. It’s been years since I owned one though.

Q: Have you ever played in a band?

If so, was the name? Can we find your music anywhere?

A: In high school but it was only for a talent show. Soon after I discovered I was pregnant (drummer.)



Bella Jeanisse hails from New York City. At 10 years old, Bella picked up her first guitar. She was instantly hooked. Because of her deep passion for tall men, rock music, tattoos and motorcycles, she has gotten to know many musicians and roadies over the yearsin every possible way. And although she has been writing risqu stories about musicians for many years, she has just recently taken these tales to the next level revealing, through her protagonists, the hold some of these men still have on her. They have inspired more than they ever imagined.

Now living in Florida with her three sons, she juggles domestic responsibilities, a social life, her career as an IT professional and her writing as carefully as possible. They do cross paths as you have seen in her first collection of short stories. Her life is busy and full, yet very fulfilling.

The few limits Bella puts on her love-life may be found as but a shadow in her writing. She draws from life, fantasy and inspiration to create each tale.

Bella has broadened her horizons to include short stories, Insatiable Appetites, with many more to come, some just a sentence at this point. The subjects range from military men to biker chicks to naughty doctors and much, much more.

The Triple Threat universe is growing… Reckless 2 (Tragic Soul) is up next. Gasoline 2 (Evolving Urges) is complete. Triple Threat 3 (Dual Desires) is almost done. Soon enough you’ll also get to know Silverblade, Main Street (book name subject to change), Winter Winds and Brass Monkey too… so many hot rock stars, so little time to make them come to life.

Follow Bella on Twitter @BellaJeanisse and on Facebook . Join other fans in the Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/866525666714069/


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