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Forgiving Gia??

Can I forgive,

the lies she’stold

Betrayal and pain,

Have tortured my soul

Without her I am nothing,

a Dom with no sub

Empty space in my chest,

now knows lost love

Does she deserve,

a second chance

Is there a new beginning,

or is this our last dance

Is forgiveness,

deep down inside my heart


Please help me,

I don’t know where to start

Written by me NiksNiche {Nikki K} 10 / 16 / 14

(*inspired by the book Forgiving Gia

by Author  Gina Whitney*)



Niksniche on WordPress:



What do you see

When you look at me?

Am I real

Or imaginary?

Is there anything

Beyond my smile?

Would you ever love me

Or am I not your style?

What do you see

When I draw near?

Can you see my desire,

or is it just my fear?

Is my want for you

Shown upon my face?

Will I ever hold you

In my secret place?

What do you see

When you look at me?


Written by me NiksNiche  10/20/14

(*Inspired by the book Forgiving Gia by Author Gina Whitney, *Gia’s POV*)

 **photo by Bruce Colero


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