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Spotlight Author: Lainie Suzanne


Lainie Suzanne is from Atlanta, Georgia and makes her home in North Carolina. She’s married to her best friend and the love of her life. The mother of four, all flown from the nest, she and her husband share their home with their German Shepherd. She loves sports, listening to music, dancing, spending time with family, and of course…reading.  Lainie Released her first book Nexus this Sumner and is currently working on the 2nd book in the Nexus series ‘Soliel’, due out this fall. 

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Author Q & A

Author: Lainie Suzanne Book: Nexus ~ The Core of Erotic Desires Series: The Nexus Series Publisher: Self IMG_392430749811409 Q: What inspired you to start writing?

A: I’ve always had stories and dreams playing in my head. I never considered myself a writer, so I didn’t write. I love to read. It’s a form of escape for me from the daily grind of life. My husband is the person who encouraged me to write. I wrote the first chapter of Nexus and emailed it to him at work. His response was “That’s HOT…keep going.” And the rest they say, is history. LOL…

Q: What is your favorite genre to write? Read?

A: I’ve only written Erotic Romance, however don’t be surprised if you see a different sub-genre of romance from me in the future. I have an MC romance simmering in my head, as well as a sexy, spooky short story. As far as reading…I love Erotic Romance, as well as Crime fiction.

Q: What will we find on your bookshelves?

A: Patricia Cornwell, Thomas Harris, Tom Clancy, Robert Munsch, Tomie da Paola, Cherise Sinclair, Lexi Blake, Annabel Joseph, Ella Dominguez, Jenna Jacob, Kallypso Masters, Vivien Sparx, many, many more. Q: What writer/Book speaks to your soul? A: That’s hard to say…many books speak to me on different levels; from Erotica to children’s books.

Q: Why?

A: As human’s we are multi-faceted; for me, this means diversity. I’m diverse in my thinking, my music, and the books I love.

Q: What was your inspiration for the book?

A: The normal, everyday curvy woman…

Q: Do you write from your own experiences?

A: Yes, sometimes.

Q: If yes, how does this book relate to your life?

A: I’m a curvy girl with body image issues. I found a man that loves my curves, my flaws, and my soul. It can happen…

Q: Do you listen to music for inspiration when writing?

A: YES!!!

Q: What type?

A: All genres…Rock, Country, R&B, Hip hop, classical… I love music. I can’t imagine life without it.

Q: Which of your books/characters relates most to you?

A: Katherine’s lack of confidence in her body image; Deb’s sassiness.

Q: What message, if any, would you like readers to get from your book?

A: To have self-worth and know that there’s someone in the world for all of us. Don’t be ashamed of your desires.

Q: What book do you wish you had written yourself?

A: Gone With The Wind

Q: What would you like readers to know about you?

A: I’m fiercely loyal and protective of my friends and family. I’m fair and open minded and believe in equality for all. IMG_392392152681997 Q: Is BDSM something you are into IRL?

A: Yes

Q: Would you consider yourself a DOM (DOMME), Sub or Switch?

A: Sub

Q: Have you/would you carry on a long term D/s relationship or is it just a playtime enjoyment?

A: Yes…I do currently.

Q:What is your toy/implement of choice?

A: Flogger & Cupping Set

Q:Do you Have any tattoos or piercings?

A: Yes… I currently have 2 tattoos, and designing 3 smaller ones that I will be getting soon. And piercings….

Q: IRL, do you like a partner with tattoos or piercings?

A: It’s not a necessity… I can take it or leave it.

Q: Have you been with a partner with genital piercings? Or tattoos?

A: No piercings… Yes for tattoos.

Q: Do you play a musical instrument?

A: I used to.

Q: If yes, what do you play?

A: Clarinet, in High School

We’d like to Thank Lainie for taking the time to answer our questions. We look forward to reading, reviewing and featuring the next book! IMG_392348967745034   IMG_392376684284867

Review #1

Book: Nexus Author: Lainie Suzanne Genre:Romance / BDSM Reviewer: Nikki K Stars (Os): OOOO Katherine embodies the spirit of all 40 something women looking for a little adventure. All too often we are pushed into doing things by our BFF and the outcome is less than desirable. Who would have thought that a night out with Deb would expose Katherine`a hidden self. Taking her life from Mom and everyday gal to sexy sub, Katherine discovers a fantasy world she thought only existed between the pages of her “mommy porn” books. Isaac believed his life to be full without getting messy emotions involved. He was content with his love life being solely D/s. Enter temptation in the form of a voluptuous redhead. The Nexus of Katherine and Isaac was fate in the truest sense. Throughout this book I was able to relate to Katherine. From her insecurities and stowed away sensuality to her submissive tendencies, I could be Katherine. Nexus is a believable, sexy story and the writing style is superb. This was a wonderful debut by Lainie Suzanne.
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
Sep 5, 2014
Nexus – by Lainie Suzanne
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Book: Nexus – The Core of Erotic Desires
Author: Lainie Suzanne
Release Date: June 22, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance BDSM
Reviewer: Tanya Rae
Stars: ☆☆☆☆☆
I know that Nikki Kushma reviewed Lainie’s book already today but, I was blown away knowing that this was her first book and I really loved it. So saying that here is my 5 “O’s” review. Yes, it was decided that we would give O’s (yes as in Orgasm’s) instead of number of Star reviews.
OMG, I can’t tell you how much I loved this book! It is a fairly short read so I was able to read it in about 3-4 hours. It was fantastic to read a story that has the lead female character to be in her mid 40′s and to not have a perfect figure! And, Isaac likes & then falls in love with Kathy with all of her “flaws”. Isaac is the owner of Nexus (BDSM club). He is obviously a Dom and Kathy is an accountant. Enough, said I really don’t like giving the story away. Here is a quote from the book. “What the hell am I doing? I think I’ve lost my mind. It’s a mid life crisis…that’s what it is. He doesn’t seem put off by my body, though. Maybe he has bad eyesight. But he could feel the ridges of my stretch marks and scars. There has to be some reason he seems attracted to me. (now my favorite line in the book) I’m already going to hell in gasoline soaked panties, so why not…..” I loved this book I can’t say enough about it. I hope you will too. Oh and this is Lainie’s debut book so you know her writing will only get better!
Lainie Suzanne has Ambushed our Facebook page and is running rampant.

《Posted on Facebook by Lainie Suzanne》

Have you read Nexus??? Here’s a little excerpt. Isaac & Katherine’s first meeting.

Ssshhh….Don’t tell Wordgasms I posted this. ~LAINIE

“Master Patrick needed to attend to something, so I’m finishing his demonstration. My name is Master Isaac.”

Mmm…Master Isaac…

“Master Patrick is an expert on flogging,” I state turning my head to try to get a glimpse of him. “I’m not sure I’m comfortable with you flogging me. I don’t know your credentials. Are you an expert, too?” I ask a little teasingly.

Not that I really care if he’s an expert. I’m just trying to even the playing field a bit.

Feeling his chest against my back, I hear a small grunt of a laugh as he leans down to my ear again.

“Being that I trained Master Patrick, I’m fairly confident I have the credentials to flog you, sub. Shall we continue?”

I reply with a nod and a breathless, “yes.”

Again, he starts stroking the top of my back with the soft strands of leather. It feels amazing, relaxing every muscle it caresses. I close my eyes enjoying the languor. Once again his voice pulls me back…

“To experience the true effects of the flogger, it must strike the skin directly. You have too much covered, something needs to go. I choose the skirt,” he asserts.

My eyes flash open…did I hear him, right? Does he want to take my skirt off? My questions are answered as I feel his hands at my waist.

“WHOA…wait a minute!!!”

Colors…what are the fucking colors…

“YELLOW, RED, PURPLE …WHATEVER! Don’t take my skirt off!!! No, no…NO!!!” I panic.

“Purple…” He snickers.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what I’m doing…but please, please, please don’t take my skirt off,” I plea.

He steps around and I get my first look into his warm, chestnut eyes that match his hair. My knees slightly give…God, he’s beautiful!

“The Safe word colors are Green, Yellow, and Red. Green, all is good. Yellow, slow down or you need a break. Red, everything stops immediately. You have the control, Katherine. Do you understand?” He reminds me, looking so deep into my eyes, I believe he can see my soul.

I blink to break his intense gaze, as I feel like I’m revealing more than I care to and I nod my head in answer to his question.

“No Katherine, I need a verbal response.”

Taking a deep breath, I reply, “Yes.”

“Yes, what?” He chides.

“Yes, Sir,” I respond.

Stepping out of my sight, he takes his hand over my ample ass, resting it on my left cheek.

“I want to flog your ass and I want it bare.”

My breath hitches as his hand wonders under my skirt and caresses my skin. Oh my God…what am I doing allowing this man that I don’t know, to place his hand on my bare ass. Shouldn’t I stop this??? Color, color…fuck the colors. I don’t want to stop this. My body is trembling, I know he can feel it.

“How are you, Katherine?” He asks, as if reading my mind.

What do I say? He’s gonna think I’m easy…a whore, if I don’t stop him. I don’t want to stop him. It’s been so long… My body betrays me and answers him, as I let out a weak moan. No doubt he heard, as I hear him let out a small chuckle.

I feel his hands back on my waist at the top of my skirt.

“Please, not the skirt…,” I whine.

Stepping back around in my view…hmmm, maybe I’ll keep complaining so I can keep looking at him. Doubt that will last, though.

“Why do you not want your skirt removed?”

Duh, you’re a stranger and GORGEOUS. And I’m pleasantly plump with extra helpings.


“All right, then the corset comes off,” He says as if it’s a normal, everyday request.

“No, no, no!!!” I plead shaking my head.

Oh, Hell NO…all my tucks will unroll for the world to see. No way!

“What’s the issue? We can discuss it, but it’s going to be one or the other; skirt, corset, or safeword,” he affirms.

I drop my gaze as I can’t look him in the eyes. I’m so embarrassed. Can’t he see…I’m not a young, skinny thing like the blonde bombshell at the door? Where is she anyway? I thought she was his woman. Hell if I would let my man put his hand on another woman’s ass.

“I’m waiting…,” he says firmly.

Taking a deep breath, I steady my nerves and just say it…

“Master Isaac, I’m not young and skinny, I’m middle aged and plump with rolls screaming to get out of this corset. I don’t want to be humiliated. I don’t even know how my name was put on the list,” I confess.

“Are you finished?” He snarls. “I have perfect vision, sub. Now, I gave you a choice, something I rarely do. Either the skirt comes off so I can see your luscious ass; your corset comes off and I flog those delicious looking tits…or you use your safe word. Which is it going to be?” He growls at my neck, soaking my panties.

I’ll never see him or these people again, and I soooo want this now. What the hell…

“The skirt, Sir.”

“Good Girl…” He grins.
Purchase links:
Kindle – https://bit.ly/Nexuskindle
Amazon paperback https://bit.ly/Nexuspaperback
B & N – https://bit.ly/NexusBandN
Smashwords – https://bit.ly/NexusSmashwords
Apple ibooks – https://bit.ly/NexusAppleibooks

☆Exlusive Excerpt☆ from Soliel,Book 2 of the Nexus series by Lainie Suzanne

IMG_19730367821811 (1)

My writing includes the main characters POV with other POV’s sprinkled in. Here’s an exclusive from SOLEIL written in Deb’s POV, but includes a snippet of Derek’s. ~ Lainie


So much for not having sex during a scene. Although, it was technically after the scene. Tie me up, blindfold me, and I’ll let you fuck my brains out. Slut… yep, that’s me. What does he think of me now?

After a tender kiss on my forehead, Derek begins cleaning the equipment while I pull myself together. I have a feeling I look like I’ve been rode hard and hung out to dry.

“What can I help you do?” I ask walking up behind him.

“I’m about finished sanitizing the chairs, so if you’ll wipe down the cuffs and the Wartenberg Wheel and put them in my bag, we’ll have it wrapped up.”

“Wartenberg Wheel??? What’s that?”

Derek reaches across me, picking up something resembling some type of medical instrument. It’s a six inch handle with a wheel of needle-like prongs at the top; made of stainless steel.

“This is the Wartenberg,” rolling it along the underside of my forearm.

“Do you recognize it, now,” he offers with a devilish grin. A shiver radiates through my body from the feeling of this wicked tool.

Regaining my composure, the nagging feeling of needing to explain my behavior begins to consume me.

“I, um…I don’t… I mean, haven’t – ever done this before. What I’m trying to say is that I don’t just have random sex. Honestly…I don’t.” The words tumble out of my mouth, in a desperate attempt to explain my slutty behavior.

A small chuckle rumbles from his chest. “I hold no thought that you do. I wouldn’t have fucked you if I thought you did. I’m not a magician, I don’t do tricks,” he smirks.

I’m a little slow to catch his play on words. Understanding dawning, a cackle explodes from my chest, tears pooling in my eyes.

“I’ve never heard that comeback before.”

“You liked that, did ya?” He touts over my snuffling laughter.

“Pretty clever, Sir.”

“Look, we’re unattached, consenting adults. The opportunity presented itself and it felt good, felt right. I have no regrets…do you?” He asks redirecting our conversation.

“Regrets…me? Oh, no… I would do it again in a heartbeat,” I declare enthusiastically, before getting control of my mouth. Gawd…I sound so desperate.

“Good to know…” He winks and blasts me with his devastating smile.

“Let’s go check out a few more scenes and then we can discuss my plans for the first class, next week.”



What a stroke of luck…walking into the bank that day and seeing Little Miss Submissive Sunshine. I couldn’t have planned it better.

However… sinking deep in her sweet pussy wasn’t in the plans, especially this soon. Damn…she was so fucking responsive, I couldn’t help myself. The Shibari classes could get very interesting.

“What’s up Derek?” Patrick announces, interrupting my thoughts.

“Hey man, what’s going on tonight?”

“Nothing much. Late getting here…again. Working 14 hours a day is getting old. Damn criminals need to take a day off,” he smirks.

“Hey…that chick over there talking to Gina; were you scening with her earlier?”

“Yeah, that’s Katherine’s friend Debra. She’s my new demo assistant for the rope classes.”

“The sounds I heard coming from her, it seems to me like you were the one doing the assisting,” Pat laughs.

“I’ll assist that tight pussy anytime,” I firmly acknowledge. “It wasn’t my plan for tonight, though. My intention was for us just to familiarize ourselves with each other and her with Nexus. Oh well…they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. No regrets, man.”
Debra pivots her stance during her conversation with Katherine; she’s now facing us.

“Oh hell, I remember her. That’s Sunshine,” realization dawning on Patrick. “I remember that sexy yellow dress.”

I chuckle at Patrick’s use of the same moniker for Debra I use. Sunshine…

“You’re demoing rope on her for your classes, huh. Did Kathy hook you up?”

“Funny thing, I’ve been looking for someone to assist me, but I wanted it to be someone that I hadn’t played with. I want the class to see realistic scenarios they will have to deal with, and the only way for that to happen is for the person I use in the demonstrations not to know me or my expectations. I hadn’t even considered Debra because she didn’t come to the club and honestly, she kinda fell off my radar. A couple weeks ago, I happened to run into her at the bank and remembered her from Open House. We went to lunch, talked, and she agreed to help out.”

“Damn… you lucked out.”

“Yeah, I did. Man…She’s submissive, through and through; a diamond in the rough. We’ve talked a lot, but right now she’s just committed to assisting with the classes. I mentioned the sub training program and it piqued her interest. Her body is so responsive. That’s why I couldn’t resist dipping in that sweetness tonight.”

“So…How much do you know about her?” Patrick inquires, trying to be subtle, but failing. Clearly Debra’s interest isn’t the only one that’s been piqued.

“She’s single, been divorced for several years. Hell, I’ve met her ex.”

“What? You’re shittin’.”

“Nope…He happened to be at the same restaurant the day we went to lunch. She wasn’t too happy to see him. My first impression… he’s a prick.”

“Most exes are…pricks or dicks,” Patrick sneers his opinion. “Have you gone through the checklist with her?”

Shooting him my ‘do I look like a dumbass’ look, “Of course, I did. I don’t play without it.”


“Her pertinent hard limits that pertain to play, here at Nexus – needles, blood play, breath play, and humiliation.”

“Huh… So she’s obviously okay with sex and play. What about…” Patrick trying to string his thoughts together.

What the hell is up with him? He’s normally Mr. Calm, Cool, and Collected. Right now, he’s as awkward as a virgin gettin’ his first piece of ass.

“Pat, man… you got a thing for her?”

“What? Naw, man. Just curious…”

“Oh…right. Well to satisfy your curiosity, ‘Multiple partners’ was noted as her having no experience, but interested.

The grin on Patrick’s face needs no explanation, neither does mine.


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